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World's Influential Wonder Park

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Nationality of World Influencer: China

Number of World Influence:: WRCA20200109

World Record Date of World Influence: 9 January 2020

Year of World Influence: 2019-2020

Wuxi Sunac Resort, a cultural tourism zone that blends cutting-edge technology with regional features, officially opened in Wuxi's Binhu district, East China's Jiangsu province, on June 29 2019.

With a total area of 240 hectares and a total investment of 40 billion yuan ($5.8 billion), the resort will offer tourists a top time in terms of vacation, tourism, culture, shopping and entertainment.

The site includes Sunac Land (a theme park), Sunac Mall (which includes a commercial center, Sunac Water Park, Sunac Snow Park and Sunac Ocean Park), Taihu Show Theatre and a cluster of hotels.

Certified on-site by World Record Certification Agency officials, it was recognized as the world's largest rhododendron-shaped building in 2018. It was also ratified as the world's most influential Wonder Park, with 38 advanced facilities and nine world-first projects.