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To build a professional platform for image display, cultural exchange, brand promotion and market connection for the world record holder.


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We work with brands and enterprises worldwide to deliver the ultimate record-breaking marketing campaigns. We provide a one-stop solution to validate extraordinary achievements by the presence of an Official World Record Judge and/or world record brand usage across all your communication channels.

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Official World Records Judge

Member of the World Impact Review Board

I've always been fascinated with Asia. After living in Japan and China for 8 years I've seen strange and beautiful things here. With a PhD in anthropology, this job is a wonderful opportunity to engage with and celebrate diversity and all the unique skills humanity practices. I am grateful to work with WRCA, and travel far and wide to find rare talents and experience culture directly.

Damir First

Joining WRCA, becoming an Official World Record Judge and a member of the WRCA World Influence Review and Adjudication Board is one of the proudest experiences in my life. I have learned a lot with passing certification and review of each project. Every world record holder and world influence winner is admirable. They are insistent in their respective fields and tireless in promoting the development of their industry, which is highly consistent with the spirit of WRCA. We will also try our best to show your brilliance to the world!

Zuzana Pavlonova

As an Official World Record Judge and a member of the WRCA World Influence Review and Adjudication Board, I believe this is a job that everyone dreams of, and I am honored to have the privilege to be part of it. Over the years, I have seen things that are extraordinary and full of surprises. All World Record and World Influence holders have set good examples of what people could achieve and become. I am expecting more miracles to come. You and me together, we will make the world a more exciting place!

Serhii Muravitskyi