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Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)

Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)(图1)
Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)(图2)
Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)(图3)
Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)(图4)
Largest "Arrow Feast" (Dadun Yan)(图5)

Record Number: WRC230518C 

Record of Achievements: 2529 participants 

Place of Record: China 

Record time: 25th June 2023 

In the World Record Challenge hosted by the People's Government of Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China, a total of 2529 individuals participated in the "Arrow Feast". Verified by the WRCA, the event has set the world record for the "Largest 'Arrow Feast' (Dadun Yan)".

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