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Longest Electric Symphony

Longest Electric Symphony(图1)
Longest Electric Symphony(图2)
Longest Electric Symphony(图3)
Longest Electric Symphony(图4)
Longest Electric Symphony(图5)

Record Number: WRC230413N 

Record of Achievements: 100 minutes and 51 seconds 

Place of Record: Italy 

Record time: 16th May 2023 

Gabriele D'Oria, a composer from Lecce, Italy, in January 2023, used music notation software to write and record the "Thud," a symphony for a full orchestra. Consisting of thirteen parts, all written in A minor, the piece has a duration of 100 minutes and 51 seconds. Verified by the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA), Gabriele D'Oria set the world record for the "Longest Electric Symphony".

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