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Largest coral embroidered thangka

Largest coral embroidered thangka(图1)
Largest coral embroidered thangka(图2)
Largest coral embroidered thangka(图3)
Largest coral embroidered thangka(图4)
Largest coral embroidered thangka(图5)

Record Number: WRC200707B 

Record of Achievements: 7.1 meters long and 5.68 meters wide 

Place of Record: China 

Record time: 28 August 2020 

Nine inheritors of the duixiu (piled-embroidery) technique, namely Ugyen Dorji, Senam Tseweng, Tashi Pelden, Samten, Senam Chodron, Tashi Pazi, Senam Yungtso, Janmyong Lhamo and Peqin Lamo, from Chengdu Snowland Thangka Culture Communication Co., Ltd, jointly created a coral embroidered thangka. It took them up to 2 years to complete the piece, which is 7.1 meters long and 5.68 meters wide. Verified on site by the WRCA, it has been confirmed as the “largest coral embroidered thangka”. 

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