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Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold

Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold(图1)
Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold(图2)
Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold(图3)
Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold(图4)
Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold(图5)

Record Number: WRC240320N 

Record of Achievements: 23.8 seconds 

Place of Record: India 

Record time: 5th April 2024 

Pratik Angurala from Batala, Gurdaspur, India, typed the numbers from 1 to 50 on a keyboard while being blindfolded in 23.8 seconds on April 5th, 2024. Verified by the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA), he set the world record for the "Fastest Time to Type 1 to 50 Blindfold".

Nineteen-year-old Pratik Anguraala of Batala has made headlines with his extraordinary achievement, setting a new world record. With unwavering dedication, he sharpened his typing prowess, mastering the keyboard with a single hand. Pratik, an ambitious graphic designer and digital marketer, aims to make a name for himself internationally in the design arena.

His remarkable success has filled his family and community with immense pride. As a business administration student at D.A.V. College, Batala, Pratik has done the incredible: he typed numbers 1 through 50 in just 23.8 seconds using only one hand, earning him recognition in the world record annals. The World Record Certification Agency has verified this feat, awarding Pratik a certificate for his impressive speed.

A round of applause for Pratik Anguraala and his exceptional achievement!

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