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Seven siblings with the most descendants

Seven siblings with the most descendants(图1)
Seven siblings with the most descendants(图2)
Seven siblings with the most descendants(图3)

Record Number: WRC180329A 

Record of Achievements: 192 direct descendants 

Place of Record: China 

Record time: 25 April 2018 

Seven brothers and sisters Liu Rongqing, Liu Huaqing, Liu Fuqing, Liu Guiqing, Liu Youqing, Liu Tianqing, Liu Meilan from Xinyu, Jiangxi province have 192 direct descendants. These include 35 daughters and sons, 68 grandchildren, 87 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren. The whole family consists of 283 members (alive). The World Record Certification Agents verified the numbers and authenticated the family with a new world record of the seven siblings with the most descendants.

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