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Most People Receiving Moxibustion Treatment

Most People Receiving Moxibustion Treatment(图1)
Most People Receiving Moxibustion Treatment(图2)
Most People Receiving Moxibustion Treatment(图3)

Record Number: WRC170629E 

Record of Achievements: 4,967 participants 

Place of Record: China 

Record time: 5 November 2017 

On November 5, 2017, at the Changsha International Conference and Exhibition Center , China, Zhonghe Yajiankang Service Center hosted the following companies and institutions Guangzhou Rou-Jia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Hejiutang  Health Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Baijia Moxibustion Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and China Yajiankang Industry headquarters base, co-sponsoring a live world record attempt. In total, 4967 people took part in the event. After an official site measurement and verification by the World Record Certification Agency (WRCA) officers, the activity has been awarded the following record: "Most People Receiving Moxibustion Treatment".

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